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I bet you weren’t expecting this!

When someone tells you – “We’re getting married by a celebrant”, what do you instantly think of? I bet it wasn’t this?!

Forget all of your preconceived ideas about marriage celebrants and get with the times! I’m young, I’m fun and I’ll expose you and your love story as much as me in my budgy smugglers. I don’t stand there and talk about me and my views on marriage because you know what? I’m not married, plus, no one gives a crap!

Instead, I talk about you and only you! It’s your day, your special moment and I get to know you deep down (not as deep as budgy smugglers do but you get the point).

So if you want a celebrant who is fun and engaging and really cares about you and your story, then I’m your wingman!

HOLYMATRIMONTY | Young Fun Newcastle Marriage Celebrant Monty Haron

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